After an achingly long 45 minute drive, and a horrid cleansing excursion done over to the dorm room, I have finally been dropped off and left here.  Ah, home.  And the gang is all here.  Wait a minute…  These live journal things are stupid.

Oh well, I might as well list my latest mission objectives.  None of you have earned the priveledge to actually be entertained by my greatness.

Objectives are as followed:

Burn demo CD.  I believe it is to be handed in tommorrow morning.  Hopefully I can make the Dreamworks internship.

Begin work on the group project.  I have reason to believe our group is up this week.  Maybe thursday.

I do know on Thursday the anotated bibliography is due for the same class.  I must get this done.

Prepare for registering for classes, that’s either this friday or next monday.

Reorganize my calendar.

Tell the world how much I hate Lord of the Rings.


Oh, and I emailed Weird Al today.  Hopefully he is doing alright.  It’s really quite sad.  What a good guy.



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