This entry is going to start with an example. Apparently, some girls need lots and lots of attention, from EVERYBODY. Everybody and anybody. And that it’s okay to get said attention anyway possible. And then suddenly they meet a guy, some green little manpansy from the Army, and eight months later, it’s just fine and dandy to get married. Before you are even 20. First off, go drink a 5 gallon bucket of lysol, because your rationality needs cleaning. Awww, how sweet. If anyone feels that this is sooo cute and charming, I hope you get bricked to death. Get out of Hollywood all of you lousy drama Queens. For your next act, you will be in the real world.

I understand it’s not always the girls fault, but because of society and all that… But I thought most of you were lousy freakin “punks” anyways, and didn’t want to do what society did. Sorry to burst your bubble, but punks ARE the mainstream, and you are all nothing special.

So not only is it okay to marry after knowing each other eight months, but it’s also okay to let this scared little daisy of a guy to tell you you can’t talk to any of your friends from home. And to go through all of your belongings and remove any contact information he can get his nervous little paws on. Heaven forbid you have friends, but who cares. You are in love, you have a fiance, he’ll get you a ring and a cake and you’ll be happy, who cares about friends, besides, you are commited. Retard.

Well, all of you reading this. Maybe you are better than this. Maybe you have a few ounces of rationality. If so, good. This wasn’t for you. If you are one of those who would fall into something like this, or you think I’m completly wrong, then I hope someday you learn. For your own sake.



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