ADD add…addicted.

This is so bad. This is worse than making fun of the illiterate. Ha. I can say that, because anyone to take offense wouldn’t be able to read it. Ha in deed.

So I’m addicted to this.

Well, let’s see.

Here’s what you will come to expect from me. Since you are so interested.

First off, you’ll notice I type things fairly proper. There may be a few words spelled wrong, maybe some missing punctuation, but I don’t get retarded about it. You will never see me say ROLFALOL!1111111111 Ur sooooo kewl but ig2g ttyl!!!!11111

Such nonesense is for, well, if you do this, you should choke on your food and get food poisoning. Remove yourself from my Gene Pool.

Secondly, I will not use common terms loosely related to a certain group of people. It’s bad enough usually those who are stereotyped as that certain type of person actually refer to themselves.

Thirdly, you may figure out that much of what I say about the average person is pretty bitter, and down right negative. Do you freakin’ blame me? Most of you are probably picking out some pretty overused and washed out words for this. Good for you. Go throw yourself a party and get a rare disease. For those of you who try not to sustain brain damage to impress others, and don’t contort your life to fit in with some random cliche just to give your now pointless life a pathetic meaning, I respect thee. My negativity is not for you. Just for the other 97% of the world.

Alright. No, I’m not a mean person. In fact, I’m in a pretty good mood today. Again, it’s good to be back. It’s been a long week. Tommorrow is a big day. I must hand in my demo for the dreamworks internship.

I hope I get in. It’s a job for one thing. They provide transportation, which includes a flight to california, an apartment, and food. I stay there all summer, away from home, away from stress, in a new setting, where I can have a fresh slate. As well, I will be getting paid nearly $25 an hour, doing what I love. What more can anyone possibly ask for? Wish me luck friends.



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