Cake And Stage

First off, Happy Birthday Lindsey!

We went out to dinner last night at this amazing china house buffet. It was scrumptious. Then we walked around Hartwick and the SUCO campus for a while. It was a wonderful evening. She really seemed to enjoy her gift as well… Tetris DS, and as soon as it comes out later this week, the Onyx Nintendo DS. She’s like a Tetris crack fiend, and I am now her needle. If crack were to be injected. I don’t even know.

Second of all, today is the opening of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown!” I’m excited. It’s going to be a great turnout. I hope to see you all there. I must prepare now! Begone!

I’m really glad you enjoyed Friday evening, I did too. 🙂 Hahahah I am a Tetris crack fiend! It’s so good to play that game again.

Anyway, I really really hope you are feeling better! <3



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