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It’s hotter than the insides of a Jawa’s robe. It has been quite some time since I’ve posted anything. It seems the well of ambition has been running a bit arid lately. I’m still at the Slave A Lot. My faction with the place seems quite permanent right now, and it is irking me. Ranakin’s using his underdeveloped psychology major to define why I call him by such names, which humors me. I submit there is nothing quite as comical as a professional opinion from someone who cannot host one.

I went to Glen’s Falls with Michael and Jennn; we all spent the day with Lindsey. It was awesome, despite the weather being a tad bit on the crappy side, and at one point or another during the course of the day, someone didn’t feel too well. It’s time for some Avian flu, motha-! Oh, I feel so urban! Something has hit me over the past couple of days. I rolled my ankle the other day, so walking got to be a chore for a couple days. Sleep deprivation has been wracking my mind, and work has been relentless. The week is almost over, but it has been a long one, and I’m going manic. I wish I could spend more time with Michael and Jennn and Lindsey.

On the other hand, I need to get down to business. Working at Save Alot might bring home the bread, but it doesn’t bring home the video games, the car, and as of right now, we don’t have a home to bring bread to, therefore I need to get cracking on this art stuff. I’ve got a lot of great ideas, too many, in fact. I just don’t seem to have the ambition or the time.

One last note…

It has come to my attention that I have a stalker who is reads this (and my friends’ blogs) who may or may not have dire intentions. I write these entries for a few reasons; A) To keep friends updated on the happenings of my life, B) For the purpose of personal entertainment, and C) To perhaps entertain the desultory intertron traveler.

For those of you who aren’t using this blog as a vehicle of one of those means, or in other words, extracting information to use against me in some petty argument involving ridiculous pillow shams or the condition of my own personal desk, shame on you. You should practice getting a hobby.

As for the rest of you, enjoy the rest of the week. Next Tuesday is 6/6/06. You should all be very excited.


How do you know how hot it is inside a Jawa’s robe, hmm?!
Hahah Randy tries to explain why you call him Ranakin?
I didn’t have Avian flu, I had SARS and Ebola!
The FBI is looking for Secret Agents, I should find that link again.



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