I School You Now!

It seems to be getting more and more burdensome to compose up the recent events in Lynkistory when I don’t make post as often. It’s been an extensively drawn-out weekend. I’m enervated. Silent Michael and Jennn picked me up Friday afternoon to escort me to the Binghamton area. We ate at the luxurious Texas Roadhouse and went to see Disney/Pixar’s “Cars.” I can’t tell you enough how amazing Cars is. Go see it, plan on seeing it twice in a row, and come back feeling like you finally got that life people have been requesting you get.

Saturday morning was my Teacher Certification Test, which went extremely well. I’m sure I passed. Probably something to do with my superior DNA that I’ve got compared to the rest of the ape descendants, but we don’t need to discuss that.

I’ve been working on some new projects lately, including a new comic, so hopefully you’ll all be seeing some of that soon. Nonetheless, I’m really tired, so I am going to kick some ass at Wifi Tetris DS and hit the sack.



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