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It’s only a few short days before the Winter-een-mas season is upon us. For those of you who aren’t sure what the Winter-een-mas season is, head on over to www.wintereenmas.com and educate your thirsty mind. I am going to be very prepared for the holiday.

I’m pre-ordering Oblivion today. For those of you who do not know exactly what I’m talking about and why it is a matter of sheer excitement, you probably shouldn’t continue reading, or speaking to me. Oblivion is the title of the upcoming installment of The Elder Scrolls series. Of course, Oblivion isn’t shipping until March, but knowing that I have it coming means I will have to finally wrap up Morrowind. What better way to celebrate Winter-een-mas! I’m also ordering Fable for the PC, and Meteos for the Nintendo DS. I’ve gotten a very handsome discount from Alienware for EBgames.com, and I intend to use it. I might pick up a copy of Shadow the Hedgehog for the Gamecube, and hopefully find a copy of Starfox Assault, which has been swiped off the shelf at the local Wal-mart, and I can’t find it online at the major retailers either. It’s always a hassle to get games towards the end of a generation.

I look forward to the next generation for games, but it feels too soon. My Gamecube, and hell, even my Playstation 2 can still pump out fun. Super Smash Bros. Melee has yet to get old, for crying out loud. The next generation doesn’t really begin for me until the release of the Revolution sometimes towards the end of 2006, and I will do just fine. Even older GBA games are getting hard to come by. I would love to find a new copy of Super Mario Advance 2. I might get SMB3 though, so my DS doesn’t get that empty feeling it gets when a GBA game doesn’t reside in the slot.



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