Those of you on Myspace are idiots

So there comes a time when a job is no longer a job, but a little part of your life. After a while longer, it’s a part of you that, like a canker sore, you would just wish to get rid of, puss, plate, and all.

It is with a heavy heart, that I must leave Save Alot. I’m not saying that I won’t poke my head in once or twice after college, maybe even to throw up some freight, make a few tiny little dollars, and jump back into the waters that I learned how to tread over five years ago. While I don’t know what to expect for the future, I would prefer to have a “real” job after I graduate, but I could need a few weeks of earning Chenango County’s government funded capitol by selling discount food to welfare recipients.

I would like to say that tomorrow will be the last time I ever have to punch in and punch out of that store. I would like to say tomorrow will be the last time I have to put a can on a metal shelf, pull an empty box off a stack of cans, and drag a bag of cheap potato chips over a UPC identification system. I hope it is the last time I need to touch someone else’s dirty credit card, check a five-dollar bill to see if it’s not faux, and fill up the milk.

It would be lovely to never have to urinate in another Save Alot ever again, never to listen to a customer tell me about the lawns he mowed today, and never have to smell the foul pungence that is consistent with the gratifyingly more social shoppers at the N-SAL.

It will be good to get out of there for a while, not that I am quitting for the sake of being unemployed and free as a flippin’ bird.

No, in fact, though I quit my job tomorrow, I begin a new one on Monday. My new boss is much more handsome than my old one. He is going to work me fairly hard, but give me more rewards, and more benefit. It’s a shame he can’t afford to pay me in cash. I will be working for myself. Beginning a set schedule to work on art and my webcomic, so that I can have something to show for this summer. Hopefully, within a year, my new job will find me some sort of steady income, and hopefully, health benefits. How does that work? I don’t know.

Maybe I will just have to be very careful and not get sick or sustain an injury or require the use of doctors, vehicles, dentists, and property.



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