On Wasting

I spoke about this recently a few entries back. There is a big controversy involving Rockstar Games’ title, “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.” For those of you who haven’t heard about this, you are living in a dark box, and don’t deserve your regularly scheduled feeding. For the rest of you, I’m sure you are on one side or another. The kids are saying, “Gee, that’s screwed up!” and the parents are saying, “Satan won’t stop touching our children!” This reminds me of an article I read based on ideas by an officially defunct religion, known in more primitive parts of the world as “Christianity.” The article is pretty old, but still covers the basic ignorance of people who just can’t seem to let life go on without pushing their stupidity and all-knowingness into the void of society.
You can visit this joyous little article at http://www.jesus-is-lord.com/games.htm

I would certainly hate to risk eternal damnation for playing video games. I’m sure it’s too late for me. I have destroyed more pixels and polygons than I can count. I have worshipped the 1-up Mushroom, I have fought sentient robots to protect humanity, and shot a fair number of mindless zombies in the face with a plasma riffle. I took pleasure in accidentally shooting allies in the back of the head as I escort them to safer areas of a map, I have been known to take the evil path and burn down villages instead of protecting them. I have allowed cities to expand and tower over the land only to unleash tornadoes and fires and every other disaster over them all at once. Call me possessed by Satan, or call me easily bored. Either way, I’m sure I will spend an eternity in that place where snowballs don’t last very long. I hope they have broadband down there, because I need to catch up on my Quake III Arena.

Has anyone played Mortal Kombat II recently? I’m sure a lot of you college folks have. Nothing beats the old school. Well, actually, a lot of things beat the old school, just many of you don’t want to grow up or something. I don’t blame you. That’s not my point. Mortal Kombat was supposed to be the most violent, gory, eye-shielding game the world would ever see. I mean, people were punching each other so hard, red pixels simulating blood would fly back after every stimulating blow. I’m sure the Anti-Christ had something to do with it. By all means, this made children go outside and punch things. I was more frustrated with the clunky controls and the defeat over button mashers to be worried about the actual violence within the game. The point is, looking back at Mortal Kombat II, we realize that it is not even very gory. It is more quirky and humorous than anything. This isn’t because we are desensitized! Why would we feel bad for tiny blocks of 16-bit color? That would be like banning the Backspace key because it deleted poor, defenseless letters and words in a violent, Satanist kind of way.

Then, there are the parents. One would think, being child bearers, parents would know a thing or two about psychology. You can match up all the finger pointing, and CNN accusations, and talk show host bullshit to violent children playing violent videogames, and it still simply does not make sense. Violence in videogames does not relate to violent behavior. This is where my mom, and probably every other mother throughout the land chime in, “Some people just don’t know better.”

Well, now that we established that “some people” are stupid, and are led blindly by fiction, we can move on for a moment. Columbine was a tragedy, indeed. The authorities searched through the killers’ computers. That was a good move. They found the game, Doom. I won’t go further into detail on Doom, because the website I mentioned earlier goes into some completely unbiased facts about that criteria. Immediately, it had nothing to do with any other factors. Officials would announce that these children played a video game where you shoot monsters, thus that is the reason they rationalized a school shooting. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 was a game that involved trying to fly a sluggish airplane over pixilated, flat cities. It was easier to fail than to succeed, and also less boring. Could we blame every plane crash on a PC flight simulator? I could play Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 for hours on end crashing into buildings and forests and large plots of green and tan pixilated planes, does that make me evil? Let’s never try to dodge an explanation for a plane crash ever again by using such words as “technical failures,” and “obstacles on the runway.” It’s all because people play video games.

Granted, people who live a life like they are out of Grand Theft Auto; San Andreas, are generally foolish people, with a “ghetto” attitude of “what I can’t afford, I’ll steal,” and there are thousands of children who blindly follow that attitude like it’s a ridiculous angsty teen trend, much like punk, but it’s time we see the bigger picture. It’s a game about a real issue, and the game doesn’t affect this state of mind that’s been there already. For the people who just don’t know better, shame on you. Why must you be so pathetically stupid?

I cannot comprehend that someone can view violence in a video game, and believe it is okay in the real world. This simply does not exist. A person with that weak of a mentality should not be allowed to experience such an engulfment of fiction, nor should belong in society unsupervised, case closed. For the parents who cannot make the judgment on their own, you did not deserve to have children.

My final concern is the fact that our government is making such a big deal over this. Hillary Clinton has put together a team of people to scour through video games to monitor their every bit of content. This could mean many limitations as far as creative expression in video games, and I am not talking about violence, sex content, or imagery. This isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last time, but it has long been time for people to stop blaming video games on the problems of those who aren’t acting right.

Do not make me ask you again, because I will so PWN you at Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Right on, video game brother.

We live in a society that blames the new Satan, instead of their own lack of responsiblity, at ever turn. First Rock’n’Roll, then television, and now video games. No one wants to take responsibility for their own stupid fucking actions, and that’s just sad.

I fucking hate Americans.

Take some responsibility you pieces of shit! And don’t tell me you do, because, otherwise, Bush wouldn’t be president… AGAIN!


Utopia Now!!

–mister. jones

such a sad, miserable little world…

i look forward to taking it over

God Quad shall reign supreme

Utopia Now!

–mister. jones

that satan in video games article made me giggle



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