Disney World Recap

Seeing that I’ve basically had my Disney Experience, I figure I should give a little recap on this year’s event.

            I’ve been going to Disney World about once every five years with my family.  While now at this age, I am capable of seeing all the gimmicks and gimcrack-ery, there is still enough magic present to cause me to ignore it.  Beyond all the money making schemes and monopolizing and overcharging, Walt Disney’s dream is still shining through in every facet.

            The price of everything is, of course, too high.  I don’t need to say much more.  A decent four-person meal is an easy $100.

            The crowds did not make things easier.  Swarms and herds of people just meddling about aimlessly got old pretty fast.  Most of them refused to pay attention.  I lost count of how many times I tripped over the wheel of a stroller that was pushed in front of me, or how many times I was bumped, backpacked, or cut in front of.  I know I’m known for hating people, but this time, they really gave me good reason.  The crowds made it hard to eat, get around, and enjoy myself.  This is just an inevitable truth that is present at Disney World, especially during heavy vacation seasons.

            I had a good time.  Disney World strives on making every moment fun and “magical.”  Little instances of extra effort really pay off.  For instance, the high quality ambient sound and crisp constant suitable soundtracks constantly flowing through the air as if not coming from any particular source, adds to the environment.  An extremely jolly mentality of all the tour guides and employees makes for a good time as well.  Beautiful scenery, so natural looking, yet so meticulously planned.

            The 47 square mile city sized resort hosts over 50,000 employees who are all taking a part in making sure visitors enjoy their stay.  There are vacation packages for families depending on their children’s age, and packages for singles, couples, and groups of friends.  Every single theme park has much to do no matter your age group.  You can choose to ride the rides or wander the themed shops or take tours and see both choreographed and impromptu shows.  When most people think about Disney World, they probably think the Dumbo ride and shaking Mickey’s hand.  It’s very unfortunate that they do not see the real deal.

            I will refrain from telling you any more about Disney World, except my own recap of what I got out of it.  I have plans to return.

            You see, Disney’s greatest marketing plan to bring people back is the fact that not everyone has gone.  Disney World is something you end up talking about for a long time to those who have never been there before.  I have been caught in this little tourist trap, for now I want to come back with someone who has never been to Disney World.

            After college I will get a job.  Hopefully and most likely, it will be a good job.  Either way, I tend to be good with money, and shall save and earn.  After supporting a nice place to live, a car, and a few cans in the pantry, and maybe a box of cheese steaks, I’ll take my first vacation.  Perhaps, should I be with someone at that time, and she has never been to Disney World, the entire process can begin.  Let’s not cross any lines here, but Disney World has the most ideal honeymoon factor.  Shut up Lynk.

Anyways, two weeks, try out one or two of the really nice resorts to stay at, and the package that lets you prepay for every meal giving you top priority.  Yep, I’ll show someone a damn good time at the Walt D’s.  Just you wait and see.



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