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It’s official.  It’s cold here in Oneonta.  November is on duty and it is definitely not slacking off.  Be prepared for about ten and a half months of cold, snow, and drear.  For those of you who are surprised, get used to it.  This is Oneonta, not some environmentally controlled city.  Things are going to get cold, things are going to get icy, the ground is going to become wet and sloshy, which is exactly how you probably met your latest boyfriend.
For those of you who have never seen an upstate snow before, let me remind you, that it is simply not the same as rain.  I say this, because while it was snowing today, I examined six separate people holding Umbrellas.  The first two, I figured, were just joking.  Apparently, they were not, as this ridiculous fad seemed to carry on.
Without a doubt, they were all from the city.  You know, the “only” city in the entire world.  Outside of their tiny little land of skyscrapers and concrete, there is nothing else.  How can city kids be so stupid?  For being so diverse and “sophisticated,” you certainly have no common sense.

Really, that’s all I had to say this time.  Goodnight.



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