Happy Birthday to me!

             I’ve been celebrating my birthday all day today, oh, er, I mean yesterday, Jehovah Witness style!  In case you aren’t sure what that means, it means, no, I have not been celebrating my birthday.  In fact, I spent a good part of the evening in the emergency room with my grandfather, who is not doing well.

            At roughly 10:30 pm, we got to cake and presents. I miss college.  I miss the God Quad.  The roommates, the friends, I can almost admit that I’d rather tolerate a few people whom, basically, I cannot tolerate at Oneonta.  I can admit it; just not promise that it’s true.  Yes, I’ll even pretend to deal with the immature crap some people spew forth like a laxative geyser, just to prove college is better than here.

Anyways, it was my birthday, and I thank everyone who has wished me a happy birthday.  It has definitely helped.  Oh well, it’s Turkey day now, another day to spend with my family.  Sounds so exciting.  Well, I’ll be playing Metroid Prime 2 all day.  Perhaps you will have a review for it soon.  Well, I’m Outtie-Five-Thousand.  Enjoy your Cranbury sauce!

sounds like you are a spoiled brat
~Anonymous – probably my own mom.
Son, I apologize for being a day late. Happy Birthday. You old little boy. I love you. Call me. P.S. That is not my cell phone.
How did you finally get to play Metroid Prime 2? Score 3 lynk. I had an excellent time celebrating your birthday! Singing to myself and making random noises is where it’s at. I hope you pulled out the peanut butter and jelly jar at Thanksgiving. Keep up the comic strips. Pies are summoning me. I must obey.



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