I’m just full of updates tonight!

It seems the Mozilla Plug in, “Deepest Sender,” works so awesomely well, I want to write another entry.

Today will be an important date in In Between the Lynk’s History.  First, I will be shortening the name.  Yes.  Just like Kentucky Fried Chicken shortened their name when regular customers started to have a hard time breathing slow enough to say the whole phrase when they needed their breaded chicken-face fix, I shall be shortening “In Between the Lynk.”

Now should it be IBTTL?  IBL?  IBTL?  I kind of favor the first, because it looks like “I bottle,” or perhaps “I buttle,” which could be seen as a spin on the word rebuttal and is basically what this whole thing is about anyways.

Oh, wait, you are all dumb dumbs.  Let me use tiny words.
Rebuttal is a good word to describe, er, I mean, talk about my live journal because I enjoy proving people and their irrational, faux, and unimportant ideas false.  And I do so with such glee.

While we are playing with words, this one should be fun for all of you posers out there.

Who of you are punk, like punk, dress punk, eat punk, and pick your freckles in a punklike emo-driven manner?

According to Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary, the word punk is described as the following:

1. archaic:  prostitute

2. Nonsense, Foolishness

3. a :  a young inexperienced person : beginner, novice; especially : a young man b : a usually petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian c : a youth used as a homosexual partner

I hope you get much out of your aimless lifestyle, your boring and plain music, and your ugly clothes.  I think I might like to add my own definition here, a little subcategory, if you will.

4. a misdirectional, causeless society base on Hot Topic, iron-on patches, blandly systematic and crappy sounding  bands, and the notion that they are not actually conforming to even their own recusant oxymoron.

Just remember, you are different, just like everybody else.



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