Field Study and Results

Let’s do this like a professional.

My hypothesis is that girls don’t like nice guys, they’d rather have guys who treat them like crap.

Most of you are probably scratching your head and saying “But Viewtiful Lynk, girls are always bitching and moaning and dreaming about having a nice guy who will love them and treat them right and always be there for them!”  Well boys, I have proof that most women are shallow, insecure liars.

For this test I’ve used semi-direct field studies based on a fairly popular website,  While I’m by far the most attractive guy ever to bestow his good looks and genious on the world, I know that what really counts is personality.  Unless one looks like a thick skulled basketball playing neanderthal, then you get bonus points even though you have no personality.  Anyways, I filled out my profile with the thruth, things about being a computer art major, with interests in music, art, and gaming.  As for turn ons and turn offs, I put down that I hate shallow people,  smoking, drugs, and alchohol, only the worthless partake in such actions to feel special, and for turn ons, I enjoyed intellegence, and people with similar interests.  That sounds about right, right?

Well, for a time, it was good.  I managed to have a sturdy record of 32%.  That means, 32% of all votes were yes’s, which is good for a guy on that site.  Especially since I don’t get play the retarded trendy card, so I don’t scrape for bonus points.

Now that I’ve received about 700 yes votes, and 1450 no votes, it is clear that it would take a large margin of change to increase and decrease my percentage.

I recently added a new sentence to my profile.  It states “I consider myself a nice guy.”  I don’t believe there is any problem with that, right?  I mean, girls always say they would love to be treated like they were special, and have a guy who’s sweet and caring, as opposed to one who treats them like crap and blames them on everything and lies and cheats.

My percentage went down from 32% to 30% in just one day.

More coverage on this as more information becomes available, but the obvious conclusion is that girls are in fact shallow and they lie.  Nice guys finish last.  I suggest you all start wearing wife beaters and cheat on your girlfriends right now, so they will like you more.  Or else, they will run off and find someone else to mistreat them.



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