Thing a Week 2: I Actually Vlogged!

For my second Thing, I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do regularly for a long time. Create a film. A film that breaks down several philosophies of social nomenclature and begs to ask the question, can you get the flu from people coughing into your mouth?

If I were to redo this, I would have tightened up the pacing. This was a spur of the moment snap decision. I received the email late afternoon and went to the grocery store with my Note 8 with barely a concept.

All things considered, it was fun, and I actually enjoyed the editing process. Maybe next time I’ll care a little more about quality. The point is I made something, it made a few people laugh, and I’m undeniably the best.

Special thanks to my mom for reminding me to get my flu shot, which no, I haven’t gotten yet. Maybe next year.

For Thing a Week 3, I am going to launch a website. Maybe a video game review site? Maybe a porn site? Maybe both? I guess we’ll know in a week!



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