Thing a Week 3: Game Casting Couch

Last week, I told you that I wanted to make a website. I couldn’t decide if I was going to make a video game review site or a porn site. And then I thought, why do I have to choose?

Introducing, Game Casting Couch!

The idea behind Game Casting Couch is pretty simple; it smelts an alloy between video games and gratuitous nudity. I’ve owned the domain name forever (I come up with random silly ideas and just buy the domain and normally do nothing about it). I threw the logo together months ago out of boredom. I think it took all of ten minutes.

To be completely transparent, the website has been sort of started for a few months as well, but this week I did much more than just the website. The social media accounts are made, video bumpers are created, and the first 14 episodes have been recorded. Hot damn, right?

Game Casting Couch officially launches on Valentine’s Day.

Check it out by going to



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