Lynk Plays Banjo-Kazooie – Now on YouTube!

This has been a long time coming. I’ve had video capture hardware and microphones rigged up in my living room for over a year now and I’m finally doing this. I love video games almost as much as I love talking to myself out loud, so combining the two and putting it up on the Internet seemed like the most logical thing to do.

Here I am, playing Banjo-Kazooie, a port of the classic Nintendo 64 game, re-released on the Xbox 360 Arcade. I’m going to be adding more episodes (3-4 per week) as I go through the game. I’ve got some other games I’m queuing up to play and comment on too.

I have a HUGE favor to ask!

Please, go to my channel and subscribe. It’s not super invasive, it just shows you when I post new videos on YouTube, and when YouTube sends those regular email updates it might include my videos too. I mean, as awesome as that is on face value, it also helps me authenticate the channel so I can get the fancy URL I want and solidify myself on YouTube.



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