Cheer Up

The brave and wise, and all mighty Anonymous wrote,

“Well link head I guess you’ll never change. You’re just really amusing you know that. lol. Now I suppose weird random people reading your journal are making your live miserable. *shakes head* I pity you and your life. Especially your attitude and outlook. Grow up”

Besides the several spelling errors for such a tiny tiny statement, and the retarded asterix-action-phrase, our friend Anonymous, whom for the rest of the duration I will refer to as Thug Doright, has left a secuirity hole for me to exploit.  But, we will save that for last.  First, we will critique on what we’ve learned.

The majority of this world is filled with witty, sad, yet over confident self-proclaimed astrophysics and mental structure professors, who feel the need to strive for acceptance, and yearn to relate to the much more apt people around them.  This is easily conveyed by the begining of Thug Doright’s first sentence.  The phrase “link head” is obviously a crack at my name.  Thug should get a cracker just for applying such a brilliant spin and original use of spelling to perform an amazing feat of relativity to personalize the opening of the statement.  It really makes me feel like Doright knows me on a personal level, since the Ivy League Scholar made such a remarkable play on words.  Let us move on!  This is making me excited!

Sarcasm.  Great!  As if to contradict everthing Thug has been trying to convey to me, Thug throws in a nice specially carved chunk of high-grade sarcasm, which again, is so original, and so witty, I can barely contain myself.

Doright actually spelled “weird” correctly.  Good job!

blah blah blah, “live miserable” is supposed to be “life miserable”  Of course, without Thug Doright, we’d all live miserable, right?

And then the ever popular asterix action phrase.  Thug wants us all to be there with him so he can convey all his very knowledgable and important ideas and enlighten us.  Since we unfortunatly can’t, he is grateful enough to try and show us all of his informant body language, in great detail, I might add, to help us along, since sometimes the words of Doright are just too big for us all.

Then he calls apon the help of TV’s Mr. T.  Doright is an amazingly learned individual, and uses only the best and most reviewed sources.  And Thug is good enough to feel bad for everything, which always makes me feel better.

To top it all off, Thug Doright offers a few words of advice.  So sophisticated, so metaphysical, so inspirational.  Thank you Thug Doright.  You have changed my ways.  I will forever conform, and become a quiet sheep standing in the line.  I will always be so thankfull for the choices I make no matter how little it has to do with anything else.  You, Thug Doright, have shown me the light.

Oh, and about that security hole.  I got Thug’s IP address.  While that means very little to most of you, it means lots of fun to lots of people.  While I won’t disclose it quite yet, just to prove I’m not talking like the man who see’s monkeys in leaderhosen, according to my sources, the all mighty Thug resides in the same state as I, and is put on the internet by FrontierNet, which is an Internet and DSL provider.


You know I like that name. I hope you like yours Link Head. Anyway I wasn’t aware that the word “pity” was reserved only for Mr. T wannabes (I hope I can use that slang without you flipping out) Oh yeah sorry for the spelling mistakes I hope there are none this time around. Oh and about my IP Address yeah good job. Maybe you can track down my address stop in sometime and we’ll hang out.




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