The Great Gods are Gone!

For those of you who tend to keep up with important news and discoveries, you’ll know that more and more people are leaning towards the idea of the Anunnaki being the human race’s creators.  For those of you not familiar with the term anunnaki, let me briefly sum this all up for you.

Roughly around 6,000 BCE, and for those of you who can only count in binary, that’s eight thousand years ago, there lived an early culture of human beings, known as the Sumerians.  They came before many of the more popular early cultures, like the Greeks and Egyptians.  The Sumerians were one of the first “civilized” cultures, and are known for developing a language, a form of writing, and even concepts that we still use today, such as the measurment of time, and the same mathematical system we still use today..  They were also known for having a great deal of knowledge of astronomy.  In fact, they knew about all the planets in our solar system, and could even map out distances.  Modern day cultures didn’t know Pluto even existed until the mid 20th century.

The Sumerians worshipped these “Gods.”  They were described as coming from the sky, from another heavenly object.  They were from their own world, which they called Nibiru, whose orbit was very erratic, and brought the planet between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, while the other side of it’s orbit was roughly 30,000,000,000 miles away.  These Gods, known as the anunnaki, were also known of having a race of “helpers,” with big eyes, and small grey bodies, fitting the description of the widely known extra-terrestrial known as the Grey.  The Sumerians described these creatures as lifelike, but not alive, and reports of abductions today always indicate that the Greys act very robotic like.  It could be very possible that these Greys were created by the Anunnaki for assistance, and as watchers for us.

It is also said that the Anunnaki created man.  This is highly logical.  Humans today cannot find a missing link between early man and modern man.  Scholars such as Zecharia Sitchin and Lloyd Pye believe that humans were created by the anunnaki, from a combination of Anunnaki genes and primitve Neanderthal genes.  Like the bible says, in their image and after their likeness.


One believed history of the Anunnaki goes a little something like this.

The Anunnaki lived and evolved on their planet of Nibiru, much like mankind has been doing on Earth.  They developed technologies, and expanded their minds and so forth.  One thought is that there was another planet, between Mars and Jupiter, that was much smaller than the giant Nibiru.  At one point this planet collided with Nibiru, destroying itself, and nearly destroying Nibiru.  The smaller planet was shattered, and became known as the asteroid belt.  One half of it still remained, and formed into a new planet and a moon, after centuries of planetary evolution, and became Earth.  The Earth the Dinosaurs walked on, and the Earth that primitive man started to muck about on.

The Anunnaki were in a horrible situation.  Their planet could no longer sustain life.  Living conditions were no longer comfortable, as they probably had to either move underground, or simply live in airtight structures and provide their own recycled ecosystem.  That is when it is said some Anunnaki went to Earth to mine some if her precious resources, so they could rebuild their atmosphere, and try to bring Nibiru back to life.  This is where they met the primitive Earth man.  (Obviously for thousands of years, the Anunnaki did not go to Earth, as Earth was still young, it was not until after the age of dinosaurs that the Anunnaki opted to try.  They gave mixed their genes with the early humans, and created slaves to work in the mines for them.  They forced the humans to created statues and structures honoring them.  They taught humans to read and write and about astronomy and mathematics, and many other things.  Perhaps the humans were taught that being slaves was the best life they could get.

We could also simply be the Anunnaki’s greatest experiment.  Hopefully we were a success.

As mysterious as the Anunnaki are to us today, they disapeared, leaving only the ancient Sumerians texts, and a few clues in the Bible.  Some also believe that Mohammed’s prophet, known as the last prophet, was an Anunnaki.

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