A little Poem I found

Suddenly I’ve been receiving a bit of spam, about 30 instances a day. Just for kicks, I opened one, first scanning it for viruses of course. Remember kids, don’t open spam unless you are a professional.

Inside it, was an ad about digital cable, along with a tv with a picture of Neo going Super Sayan. Underneith it was the fine print.

It read:

“Still throw at her from dahlia around, confess her for swamp with movie theater for.haunch inside is wrinkled.He called her Jaclyn (or was it Jaclyn?).defined by short order cook teach cream puff related to.When you see tornado over tripod, it means that tornado defined by onlooker hides.
psaltery scotty warm theodosian mcdaniel escape”

Repeat that to yourself for the rest of the day.

Oh, and while you are at it, try mixing these foods for a funtime snack.

Bananas and Cheetos, take a bite of a banana and then a handfull of cheetos. The taste will blow you away.

And my newly discovered Spicy Hawian Pizza. Put lots of Frank’s Hot Sauce on Pineapple and Ham pizza, and enjoy cold.



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