Rant: This Week in Idiots

Hi. It’s been a while. Pandemic and stuff. I’ve been staying within my property line working on my backlog of video games, meanwhile the world has been folding in upon itself. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

A Global Pandemic Happened, We Got Idiots

The United States of America took its sweet-ass time to take action to dampen the spread of COVID-19, and our country didn’t fare very well with the initial wave. The initial wave we are still in. Our dear fearless leader and his brand team decided it would look bad if we made a big deal over this highly contagious disease that is killing people in droves, and chose inaction as the nation’s response to a global pandemic.

Okay, but it got better, right? We started taking it seriously. In fact, New York, which was one of the worst epicenters of the virus, has been handling the pandemic. Of course, that wasn’t before we had to do mass burials.

We did get introduced to Daddy New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who scolded New Yorkers into being safe. Here in upstate, in particular this region, we’ve actually seen a massively lower number of cases and deaths per capita, partially due to our population and partially due to many people taking it seriously.

There are, of course, fucking douche canoes out there protesting masks, and marching in the streets to demand haircuts and bars be reopen. My Facebook feed is nothing but moronic dumb fucks trying to say COVID-19 is a hoax or sharing a narrative that masks are just there to control us.

I didn’t even want to talk this much about the pandemic, because we’re all living it, and we’re all dealing with these knuckle-dragging shitheads.

Lynk Quarantine Log; Supplemental

I’ve been doing just fine in the quarantine. I can still work, as can my coworkers. Not everyone is so lucky. I guess I miss going to restaurants, but otherwise I have nothing to complain about. Kelsier is LOVING this new epoch and hopes it will never end. I’m especially glad that the Zoom Trivia Nights that everyone always wanted to do have lost their momentum.

Police Murdered More Black People, We Got Mad

A douchebag cop put his knee down on a man’s neck for 9 fucking minutes and let him die in front of cameras. The Minneapolis Police (and police across America) learned that the people can burn your fucking shit down to the ground if they really want to.

Minneapolis Police Station on Fire

Many cities across the nation became warzones overnight. Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into crowds of protesters. Civilians died. and if you ask my Facebook feed, those poor buildings were looted. Looting and property damage did happen, but leave it to the Maga dickwarts to put property over human lives. Journalists were getting arrested, tear gassed, pepper sprayed, trampled by police horses, and shot at. Trump threatened military action… just… fucking defund these C-students.

If you still support this administration, you are a goddamn blister between the gout-inflamed toes of America.

I’ve got a lot more to say about this, but I’m going to save it for another post. Black Lives Matter. A big, potent ‘fuck you’ to anyone who says all lives matter or blue lives matter.

Some White People are Scared Idiots

Eh, fuck it. Let’s talk more about Black Lives Matter. We’ll talk about it in the best way that I’m equipped to – pointing out how god damn dumb people can be.

This brings me to the cover image above. A couple from St. Louis decided to point guns at peaceful protestors. This is the definition of all lives matter. This is what equality looks to the well-off.

get off my lawn

Look at these fucking losers. I’d hate to have these dumb fucks as my parents, or my neighbors. Fingers on the trigger, these shitheads show no understanding of gun safety.

I just… I’m going to go play Animal Crossing. The autistic frog who eats dirt and gets advice from the bugs in his house is more stable than the rest of the world.



And I’ve been trying to be a more positive person.



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