Dez; Now in Color

Making some more progress, plus giving myself another easy blog post. Dez has been colored.

I pulled the ink layers from Manga Studio to Photoshop, and then cleaned up some of the line art, although I still have a little work to do there. For the coloring, I typically like to do this the old school way. I make a background layer the brightest neon green I can, create a layer behind the line art layer, and go to down with the brush tool. There are times when I select the area, expand the selection a few pixels, and fill it in, but usually doing the colors up close helps me find issues in the line art, and for me it isn’t all that much faster.

For each layer of color (the body, eyes, arms, and dangly-bits are all separate)  I create a shadow and highlight layer, and add some, well, shadows and highlights. And that is how the sausage gets made.



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