How Dare They?

If you recall my last post, I mentioned the Grand Council of Planeteers deciding to add a few celestial objects to the Sol System’s planet roster.  These new objects were welcomed warmly as planets by the new definition of planitism.  Stop the presses, reprint...


When the Luna Hits Lynk’s Eye

With my security still very much compromised, I feel unable to dissertate certain topics. Like I’ve stated so many times, if you are offended by what I have to say, it is your duty to press Alt-F4. Please, do it now. Hold down the Alt key, and while doing so,...


The Ladder of Choice

I admit, humbly, I hold key to many talents.  I know a few like me, and they face the same frustrations.  Apropos to those who are bursting with “teh madd skillz,” your conjectures concerning the strain of every day life are felt mutually by the other...


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