When the Luna Hits Lynk’s Eye

With my security still very much compromised, I feel unable to dissertate certain topics. Like I’ve stated so many times, if you are offended by what I have to say, it is your duty to press Alt-F4. Please, do it now. Hold down the Alt key, and while doing so, press F4 at the top. Good. That got rid of a few idiots.

Well, that leaves me with very little to talk about. I suppose we could talk about World of Warcraft. I understand the game is a few years old, but to me, it’s somewhat fresh and new. Granted, I can see where Guild Wars took some aspects here and there, and despite being a subscription service, you still have a hefty lot of imbeciles who decide to name themselves “Ihatemilk” or “hotbabe.” This, I suppose, is my fault for not joining an RP server, but I didn’t have much choice. I wanted an east coast server, something new, low populated, with a higher number of horde members, so that my Gnome Mage had something to kill. Perhaps, perhaps I might consider another server, and seeing which I like better. For some reason, I do like the idea of being on a fairly new server with a low population. The economy is still fresh, and the buffers are full of items just waiting for my plundering digits. I’d really like to be on a PVP-RP server, but there are none on the East Coast. That doesn’t mean I can’t join one, but then the game time would be different than my time. I’m not down with that.

The Great Council of Planet Lawgivers has decided that Pluto is in fact a planet. The International Astronomical Union has carved a new definition pertaining to planets, and this will cause some commotion with third graders across the world. Under the definition, not only is Pluto a planet, but it’s former moon, Charon, is also considered a planet. The asteroid Ceres will also join the group, along with space object 2003 UB313. Let’s hope we get a better name for that one. We’ll call it the Eye of Lynk. Of course, there is no “I” in Lynk, which is why it’s ironic. That’s not really what irony is. Nobody cares. Moving on.

So we have Mercury, Venus, Earth Mark II, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Charon, and at last, the Eye of Lynk, watching them all. Making sure nobody fucks with them. Those ape descendants on the third one in are mine!

“It is ironic that we are left with more, not fewer objects for which we are uncertain of their ‘planetary’ status,” David Charbonneau told SPACE.com. “Perhaps astronomy will undergo a schism, with sects of astronomers proclaiming different numbers of planets.”

No, Charbonneau, again, it is ironic that science is being sliced up like a religion. But again, who am I to judge? I’m just watching from the furthest edge of the star system.

Sadly, this definition might not work for us. Earth’s moon, which we proudly named “Moon,” actually, it’s named Luna, will eventually shift out of our terrain orbit, thus giving it planetary certification. The Planet Moon. Too bad that’s already an underrated video game developer.

I had a problem with the whole planetary thing that I read this morning though…but it may have been misworded or had the wrong image, I mean, it IS my local paper which seems to be edited by said third graders. I should probably do my intarweb research, but the article I read still said that planets are defined by the fact that they orbit a star, like our sun, and that they have to be spherical. That makes me question Charon, it’s Pluto’s moon, doesn’t that mean it orbits Pluto? And, I think the newspaper was showing 2003 UB313 to be oval in shape. Didn’t that also add something named Xena, that has a moon named Gabriel?

I think maybe my paper really is retarded, leaving me totally confused. Of course, you know I don’t care what we call a planet, because if I had my way I’d be calling whatever I want a planet hahaha.

Oh science. How confusing you must be sometimes…


Eye of Lynk… that reminds me too much of Eye of Palpatine. And I’m sure the Horde on your server will be very happy to have another lawn gnome to hunt, because Horde players are of course better.

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