Why, it’s almost like being…

If you want to talk to me about Ying and Yang, I’ll have no part of it. It seems that whenever something completely outstanding emerges, a dark, evil boil swelling with dissatisfaction juices bubbles up. If only good times and bad times could be drove asunder, but I suppose that is the nature of the cosmos.

As I hope many of you are aware, my life has been extremely astonishing as of about a week ago. Thoughts and emotions have been swirling together to form concoctions, those of which I have not yet associated words with. I’m happy, and I think I am making someone else happy, and if that’s the case, perhaps this world isn’t as bad as I had once perceived. Don’t get too comfortable though, ape-descendants, I am still going to destroy it. Only, this time, I won’t be the only one looking down and laughing.

So Lynk has met a very nice girl. With so much to be said, and so many things notable, I could compose a novel of this unequivocal state of glee. For the time being, although, I would like to just let things sway naturally.

I was going to mention all the bad things that show no lull, but in the grand scheme, they are trivial. Besides, it’s nothing you faithful readers haven’t read before.

In other news, I was called in to teach a period of art class at the old high school. It was exciting, and I think I impressed the children. My cartooning skills are, in fact, elite.



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