What’s Next?

I did it my way.

As far as I’m concerned, I am done with college. I am unconcerned about my final grades from Yolanda, what is done is done, and I shall wash my hands clean and start with a new slate. It was a rough couple of months, but I’m done now, and what is finished is finished for good.

I will miss everyone, especially those closest to me. Michael Fenson, it’s been the best being roommates. I couldn’t have asked for a cooler guy to live with. Jenesis, a.k.a. Mike’s, you too are completely awesome and would win an award of magnanimity if they made such awards. Pacelli, you are the greatest woommate I have ever had, despite the fact that we were separated at birth for the singular intent to destroy our evil creator. Kate, you are a damn good kid and I will miss your company greatly. Mister Jones, I hope you can recall your full potential when the time comes, but for now, keep having fun.
There are so many others to mention, but if I did that, nobody would be disappointed by the fact that I didn’t mention them. It was a fun couple of years, gang. Keep the hell in touch, dammit.

Oh, there is so much news for everyone! The Alienware of course was waiting for me in the giant boxes. Unpacked, set it up, and it was about as loud as a tiny-penis-wielding Long Islander’s stereo system as they blast their punk rock. Which is pretty loud, since the average Long Islander’s life is based around compensating for numerous things which we won’t go into at this time. Opened it up, adjusted one of the side fans, and now it purrs like a kitten. The machine is Oh-my-gawd fast, and I am currently transferring all my files and getting all my apps installed on it. In a few days, it should be all set, and I will be able to take down Lucky so that my mom can have her precious Dell back.

Oh, right, the nut case. I have been home for two days, and I’m already fed up. Actually, I was fed up after about six hours. It’s all the usual stuff too. I live at home, so I have to yield to a constant barrage of tommyrot. I spent the entire day yesterday organizing my desk, setting up my computers, and getting the new machine set up. I got the desk in here all set up and organized so that when I’m ready to start working, it will be easy, and I will know where everything is. I moved some stuff out of it and put it in storage, or into another desk, and generally made sure everything was organized and sorted out. Unfortunately, that’s not how nut case works. She dug through the desk this morning while I was still in bed. She began filling it up with things she found all over the place, that is, until she found the thing. The thing, of course, a simple Rubik’s cube. It was tucked away neatly in one of the compartments in the desk, a little homage to my years at the God Quad. Having such a demonic device inside “her” desk was a sin against gOD. I’m not sure, but I think I’m grounded because I put it in the desk.

That’s my place now. I’m here, living at home, in Norhole, the land of broken dreams. I’ve got to work hard these next few months so that I can escape and make something of myself. College doesn’t do that for you, folks. I hope everyone has a great holiday break. Mine, unfortunately, will last forever.



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