A Machine Designed to Scream

I will be ordering my next Computing Machine in a day or so, as soon as I can get myself financed. That’s not always easy to do when you have no income. Either way, I’ll get it figured out, or I’ll just toss it on the credit card. Anyways, here are...


I Pine Sara Callahan

A very dear friend of mine passed away yesterday morning after the car she was in hit a patch of black ice. Nearly everyone I know from Oneonta knew her, and loves her. She was an amazing person. For those of you who were even closer to her than I, I can’t...


I Don’t Want to Grow Up

After watching “A New Hope” today with Michael and Jennn, which occurred after the three of us consumed one large stuffed-crust pizza and an order of boneless chicken balls and cheesy bread, the three of us took on a whirlwind adventure at the Small Mall....


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