My Last Meal

I’ve been indulging on local comfort food for the past week. Tonight marked the last good meal for a while.

Oneonta has a good variety to choose from; Asian cuisine, sports bars, delis, and the best pizza* in New York. Combine this with a sedentary day job and a series of hobbies that are performed better sitting still, I’m overdue to make drastic changes. Tomorrow I’m starting a 3-month diet that consists of soy protein isolate food cubes.

I hate the feeling of being full, but I’ve been ticking off line items on my bucket list. My cup, as they say, runneth over. Despite my love for good food, let it be officially documented that, for the time being, I am done with food. I’m sick of going out or ordering in. I’m through with the quantity of food in an average meal and the feeling I get after consuming.

This was intentional. I am looking forward to my new regime tomorrow. It sounds terrible; three months of tiny bags of fake pretzels and soy-based chocolate-flavored granola bars is not exactly fulfilling. My body would prefer it be left out of the next trip to Applebees. I’m actually looking forward to feeling hungry, which should make the first few days of this 3-month excursion easier. The first few days are the hardest after all.

I’ll be tracking my progress and explain more soon. For now, I sleep and dream the dreams only a belly full of sushi can give you.

I know how Bert and Hubie felt in one of my favorite old Merrie Melodies cartoons.

*This is not debatable.



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