Leave Video Games Alone You Worthless Asshats; And Protect the Modders


As you all know, some computer savy modders made a patch for the latest Grand Theft Auto game, allowing players to unlock a mini-game that was not accessible otherwise. Basically, this mini-game contained sexually explicit scenes, and was cut from the game, but remained in the source code of the game. This is something that is done all the time. Portions of a game are removed from actual gameplay, but not cut completely out of the game. Sometimes things can go wrong if you simply remove an entire section of code from a game, I am assuming. Anyways, Hilary Clinton and a league of salty political leaders, who masquerade around all day trying to tighten things up as much as they can with their flacid ideas of wrong and right, decided to blame Rockstar for the whole thing. Sure, Rockstar left the material on the CD, but there was no possible way to activate it without a modification.

To make things worse, this could lead to a strict crackdown on modding. Let me tell you people, I wouldn’t be such a big fan of Morrowind at this point if it weren’t for the ability to mod. In fact, the same should go with game systems. If you purchase something, you should be able to add and/or change things on it. For you game companies out there who like to give out a free editor with your games, I give you my complete and certified respect. For those of you who do not condone such a thing, don’t you care about what your audience thinks?

Oh well. Anyways, I just wanted to give all the political leaders out there the heads up. Don’t toy with video games. Got it?

Vote for me.



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