I Feel You, Little Blue Puppet

We’re thirteen days into the month and this is my eleventh blog of the month. Not bad so far, even if I am going to fall short of my 30-day challenge. Here’s something I want to share.

This little blue puppet (apparently his name is Clarence, from Wonder Shozen) is experiencing contradictory behavior, a common psychological trait in humans. We all do it. I was going to churn up a few examples of ridiculous contradictory behavior I see in adult humans in my day-to-day, until I realized I’m just as guilty.

A good example of contradictory behavior could be seen as ordering a Diet Coke with a Double Whopper and Fries. You are clearing making the statement that you want to avoid caloric intake by suffering the swill of diet soda, but you wanted to pack that grease sponge of a burger into your paunch. Still, the situation Clarence is in resonates with me on a deep level. I know this flavor of futility.

With that said, I think we should all have a squeaky blue puppet in our peripherals asking us to examine the contradictions as we consciously making most of the time.

Also, I can appreciate the smooth duck season/wabbit season transition made here. Well done.




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