Say Revelation

While settling with mediocrity might be for the majority of ape-descendents on this sad, pathetic little dot, I will not stand for it.  While I’ve been saying this for a long time, I’m at long last at a point where it’s inevitable.  It is time I leave the nest.  I’m getting away from this place.

I’m laying out my entangled plans; manifests and checklists, mission statements and anti-missives.  I’m managing my resources and forming my allies.  In a short while, like an unannounced rush, I will peace out to face my own quests.

The way I see it, if I budget, I can survive.  Certainly, there will be sacrifices.  There’s a small list of items I will need to worry about regularly.

A Toyota Yaris.  Certainly, any decent car with a low gas mileage will do, but I’ve had my eye on the Yaris for a while, with the thoughts that it should make the perfect Lynk Mobile.  Car payments?  After I put about half as a down payment, that would make an estimated monthly car payment around $250.

College needs to be paid for.  This will remove $115 from my life every month.

An apartment around here should cost anywhere around $435 a month, with a couple basic utilities.

Broadband will cost about $30 a month after those silly promotional deals they offer the first few months.

A cell phone of some sort will cost me around $40, I’d assume.

Car insurance is probably around $100 on average, but it varies.  Remember, I’m just getting a basic outline here.

So far we are running circles around just about one grand a month.  If that’s the price of freedom, count me in.

I understand I’ve yet to calculate food, furniture, and necessities.

One thing is for sure, making minimum wage is not going to cut it anymore.  Especially if I want that HD-DVD player.  Anyways kids, leave it to Lynk to teach you all about what it’s going to be like in the real world!



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