I’m in the drink…

From the quill of Lynk comes a tale not of retrogression, perhaps a complete debasement of the folklore you were once subscribed to, for now Lynk has got nothing but a steady income of whatever it is that good vibes travel on, and it all started with an overstuffed locker…

It was not long ago when Lynk lived unmoved by the spirits of emotion, unlike a Romeo, more like a Robot. Robots fucking rock. Alas, things have changed over the past few months. Despite the speed at which news travels, let me reiterate the previous concatenations. Two months and two weeks ago, roughly, someone seemed to trigger an alteration in the bread of life. It was no longer a stale bread. It transformed, as if it’s metamorphosis took place in an overnight cacoon, summoning whole grains, and replacing that enriched flour shit with them. Suddenly, the sandwich of life became much heartier, and instantly fulfilling, due to the improved bread alone. The quality of the bread of life has greatly influenced the rest of the life-sandwich components.

Lindsey has done nothing short of amazing me beyond words. Things have changed lately for me. I’ve been inspired, and it’s been showing in my artwork. I’ve been challenged to be the best I can be. I’ve gradually been granted an external view of myself and others, with a consciousness of my infections on those around me. I can’t honestly say enough kind words to even begin explaining what she’s done. We have been going on amazing dates, with many more planned. My time spent with her is so important to me, it holds infinite value. She’s just so freakin’ awesome.

Today was a day spent with her. These, of course, are good days, much like how 1up Mushrooms are good mushrooms. For the first time ever, I’m comfortable being close to someone. Better yet, it’s mutual. I get chills sometimes when she holds my hand, and she clearly notices. Making her laugh and making her happy have been very important to me over the past several weeks, with the constant hope that I achieve both.

Today was perfect. I did not want it to end, I never do.

And now…
On this amazing day…
This amazing girl…
Is now an amazing girlfriend!

Bwaaahahaahahaa!! You are sweet, Lynk. 🙂

Oh and you definitely have achieved at making me laugh and making me happy, which has been wicked important to me what with everything else lately seeming like total ASS. Oh man…with that combined with being in awesome Oneonta and friends there, and adventures we have planned, this fall and winter are going to be AWESOME.




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