Fire the Clothes Hanger

More and more reasons are springing up to motivate me to leave the crew at Save Alot. The place just doesn’t emit the same magic it used to. Actually, the true purpose is very possibly on the grounds of me realizing that my job (and the job of my fellow co-workers) is not very important. Some have realized this too, others sadly, don’t seem to think so. I and some of the other workers discussed alternatives, from robbing graves to sell the clothing, to selling the organs of varied hookers on the black market. Don’t get me wrong, Save Alot has been a fun, six year ride. It isn’t just me that’s feeling it. The entire cast and crew are getting Grocery Fever. Worth ethic is low, and that very well could be the upper management, A.K.A the pwnericus springofficus. Either way, we aren’t going to take it much more, and few of us find very little to actually lose when it comes to getting a new vocation. It’s not like anyplace else could legally pay us less. I’d like to go into teaching, or being a technology coordinator for a school. Those jobs would probably be the easiest for me to settle into. Joining in with a company doing their graphic arts and IT stuff might also work for a while, as long as they understand what my talents are, and try not to throw too many menial tasks at me. Lastly, I could start my own business fixing up and eventually printing photos for people. If I settle in around a tourist location, I foresee that being a profitable venture.

In more exciting news, the Nintendo Wii is stealing the stage at E3, and I am looking forward to waiting in line this November to get my hands on my Wii. Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Warioware; Smooth moves, and an assortment of other new and exciting titles will be awaiting me. Not only that, but the Nintendo DS is getting some major attention too, with, at long last, a full-fledged sequel to Super Mario World 2; Yoshi’s Island. Certainly, the PS3 looks very promising, but with it’s estimated $500-600 price tag, they aren’t getting me, even if they don’t call me a core gamer.

The end of the college semester is drawing near, and that means two horrible things. One, Ranikin Crywalker will be coming home. Of course, he’ll be busy writing emo poetry, listening to Fall Out Boy, and wearing women’s clothing, so perhaps I won’t have to deal with him too often. The second serving of bad news, is that Lindsey will be going home, putting a couple hours of road between us. It’s not that a distance will keep us from hanging out over the summer, but it certainly doesn’t make it easier than, say, the short jaunt to Oneonta. She’s really awesome, and I miss her even when it’s only been a few days since we’ve seen each other. To say I’ve never liked someone before would be a lie, but I can unequivocally say that this is very new, this has nothing to compare it to. It’s astounding to be able embrace the idea that at any given moment, there’s a chance someone is thinking about you. To think I had walked by her so many times without so much uttering a word; it makes me glad that somehow a substance occasionally regarded as fate had intervened. What I am sure of, however, is that I will miss seeing her so frequently over the summer.



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