Imagine All the People

Happy 6.5 Billion People Day! Hopefully, you think about that next time you decide to procreate. You ape descendants have gone a long way since you’ve come out of the trees. Please, don’t argue with me that you didn’t evolve from tiny, furry...


Lonely Soles

My foreword will a conscience-stricken apology for using yet another pun as a subject to an entry. Sorry. I hope everyone who didn’t have a Valentine this year gorged on Haagen Daz ice cream (leaving that disgusting Ben and Jerry’s crap in the freezer) and...


With Scrubbing Bubbles

It seems that, at long last, my mother has been outmoded. No longer will my household need to go through an extra large can of Dow Scrubbing Bubbles and an unmeasurable amount of Lysol in one day’s time.  The question is, what will she do with her time now?  I...


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