Digital Alzheimer’s

Yeouch. For a minute there, I saw the last five years of my life flash before my eyes. For those of you who were worried about my mental condition, my hard drives are still all intact. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It seems that it was only the power supply that sparked out, and nothing else was harmed. I’ve got a temporary replacement in there now, but I need to be careful, or else I might blow that one, since it doesn’t quite have the capacity my machine requires. Oh well, it will hold me over until Satur-eve.

I am home for the week. For once, the food is amazing. Of course, compared to a pallet of Mills or bust, anything is spectacular. This will be a great week to relax, and not worry about all that school crap. Of course, I do have to catch up on some painting and write a… Ah, fuck it.

I miss the God Quad already, but I think it’s time we all take a little break from each other. We don’t need to get God Quad Fever, like we did back last March. Mr. Jones would very much agree.

I miss those loud kids down the hall, you know, the ones who live with Rachel Case? I’d miss Rachel Case, but she sort of laughed at me when I told her about my hard drive situation. I suppose this entry isn’t as much for the general public as it is for my friends. Sometimes, it just has to be that way. I miss Morrowind.

And Michael, I hope you take good care of my Seaman over break.



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