Sprite N’ Fit Yogurt

It’s been a while. I tell you folks, it’s been a good time so far. I moved in, set up everything by around noon. The roommate was in a little while later, and the reunion was awesomesauce. Few days go by, classes began. I’ve been feeling great the past two weeks, despite the fact that I know this semester will be my hardest. With three art classes, all with one airhead of a professor, I am going to have to work my butt off. The art supply bill has reached close to $700. All in all though, I seem to be getting by. I have made a few friends in my art classes, some allies, if you will. I have a feeling I will do fine. The weather has been beautiful, all except for a day of rain, which was still beautiful, as we needed it. It has been very hot, too hot, but it’s still been nice. It’s great to hang with Silent Mike, Mr. Jones, Steve, and Rybo once again. It’s good to see the ol’ kids from yestermester. It’s good to hear the soulless frats and sororities outside chanting as if what they did was relevant at all to life. The Long Islanders on their cell phones, spending their parents money, the girls trying to get trophy-boys by sticking out their thongs, topped off with the uncultured mega trend grippers blasting their lame hip hop out their busted old Neons.

We had some stragglers living with us for the first two weeks. Our good friends, who once lived down the hall, lived in our common room on an air mattress. It didn’t go without quarrels for refrigerator space, but in general, I enjoyed their company. When I was hungry, there was always someone who was hungry as well. Sure, they were noisy at times, and they did stink up the room with a girly musk, and the cell phones constantly going off was a sign of desolate human character, but besides all that, it was pleasant, and hope they come visit us again despite their new fancy house.

Classes haven’t been so bad. I feel like a new person this semester. These last couple months are going to be fun. Not “drink until I get STD’s fun,” or “wake up in the middle of the road fun,” but I plan on enforcing a pleasant measure upon my spirit no matter how grossly trendy everyone else is.

I am lucky. I don’t have labels to tie me down. Sure, Modern Nerd would make a fine title for myself, but I was not born with any cultural labels, and have yet to unnaturally pick any up. I’m sure you all know this of me by now, and I hope you understand how wonderful it is to not have to deal with it. In no way do I need to perform any acts to prove my nationalism, my cultural background, some religion, or even the kind of music I prefer. To be bluntly honest (and I always am), I don’t care the slightest for any of that crap. I am free, while most of you chose not to be. Be as you will, I don’t care. It makes it easier for me to put you on a chart. But let’s move on.

Someday, the world will need a couple champions, to rid it of devious colored blocks. When it does, the world will call on myself and my roommate, Silent Mike, the Ultimate Tetris Attack (Puyo puyo pop) Masters.

Indeed. Happy to be back. Healthy, feeling great, high spirits. Until today that is. I don’t know what hit me, but I feel like crap. It’s just an off day. Stomach ache, tired, a little achy, and just not feeling with it. I am making a Cure Common Disease potion out of Sprite and Light ‘n Fit Yogurt, so hopefully I will cure my ailments by tomorrow. Until then, visit www.motq.co.nr and register so you can comment on my comic strips, updated every Monday, dammit!



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