No More Teachers

My summer break has officially started today. Ironically, I am in the computer art lab as we speak, rendering out my final animation project. Other than this, I have absolutely no finals, no more work, and no more commitment to my academic career this semester. The weather is completely Viewtiful out there; big fluffy clouds, a bright blue sky, and a warm breeze are all cliche’s of weather that doesn’t exist here in Oneonta. I can watch the outside world from the comfort of this OSX machine.

My allergies are in fact, killing me. I woke up convinced I was having some sort of attack on my lungs. Curse you, mother nature! You are the biggest bitch.

As for summer starting, soon I will be traveling home. I am, how should I say, less than excited. My goals for this summer are to work as many hours as Save Alot can give me, and put the rest of the time between going to the YMCA with a couple buddies and playing Guild Wars. There might be some comic strips made as well, but nothing I’ll post here. You need to earn it.

These are the final days of the God Quad. Rybo is leaving us to move out on his own. Steve is moving in. Mike is permanently attached to Mikes, and Jones is… well, everyone would say “Well, Jones is Jones.” On the contrary, Jones is not Jones. Jones is manically impressionable and feels he needs to make a froopy zark out of himself to gain the eyes of others. Bad Jones. Bad. Put the Dayquil down, lay off the alcoholism, and eat something goddammit. Other than that… he’s a damn good noble friend.



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