World of Guild Wars

It was definitely a long weekend. I definitely got very little done. I definitely earned enough gold to buy a cape and a guild. I definitely had an awesome weekend. It was the as you know Beta Weekend for Guild Wars. I got to test it out before it hits the shelves in a month. It’s a very unique game that can be quite an experience. For those of you who were in the game, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who formed a party with me at one point or another, rockin’. Towards the end of the Beta weekend, it started getting extremely awesome.


I can’t wait until next month when the final test is in action, and at last, the official release! Until then, keep your thumbs happy, and play some MarioKart Double Dash!

Goodnight Dimmsdale!

Oh, and Big Kid Howard’s visit was awesome as always. Nothing beats a computer art nerd who looks as if he could mop the floor with the Incredible Hulk.



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