It’s that Jolly Season!

Well, despite what I want, I am home again.  Still under the influence of the common cold, still showing signs of recent final project trauma, and still incredibly irked by the horrid music the annoying little brother keeps playing.

I hate Emo more than anything.

On a lighter note, I shall be leaving for Disney World tomorrow around noon.
This is probably one of those entries that will earn a few comments and emails.  You might as well save your words, because without a doubt, some other idiot will say that I am a “spoiled brat,” for you.  Another idiot might say, “Yo LyNk!!!!111   U r SoUnDiN liek a EMO KID!!!!1111  JuSt LiEk U sAy U dOnT lIkE!”
My only response is for you to jab something long and pointy up your nostrils until it reaches a few inches past the center of your brain.  When you are done, the education will be complete.

Now let’s all cheer up.  Imagine how great you have it.  I have to go let the Magic of Michael Eisner’s sweaty nipples take over my body as I enjoy the rides, entertainment, and relaxation of Disney World.  While you are all out shoveling snow, I will be eating my Goofy shaped Ice Cream.  While you are stuck waiting in a long line at JCPenny just to buy your good for nothing parents that golf clock stocking stuffer they never wanted, I will be cutting in front of people on Splash Mountain.  While you read through all of my entries because you are simply bored, I will be sleeping in a hammock at the Disney Institute Golf Course.

The rest of this entry goes to my fans, whom I appreciate.  I appreciate you all so much; I’m letting you buy my stuff.  Yes!  You can own official Lynk merchandise!  There will be shirts, messenger bags, posters, and a few other things, including the high demanded Lynk Thong!  The store isn’t open yet, but it will be soon, as soon as I get back.

Again, I apologize for the lack of entries and comic strips for the next two weeks.  Now go out and enjoy the Holidays!  Well, except Christmas.   Whatever religion came up with that one is a load of bunk anyway.

A special Merry Christmas to the following:
The God Quad
-Silent Mike
-Mr. Jones
Next Door Kathy
Kate and Ashley
Gogglebringer Jess
And Happy (insert Jewish holiday here) to Next Door Rachel.

This is Lynk out, ho ho ho’s.



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