Darwin Walks into a Bar…

A few entries ago, in fact, it’s this one, I told the story of the idiotic girl in my communications class.  I requested to the professor that we make cheat sheets for an upcoming test, and when the professor got overwhelmed and flustered, I explained to him what a cheat sheet was; a small index card in which we can cover with as much information we want and use during the test.  I shouldn’t have to explain it to any of you, right?  Well, this girl decided to wipe her opinions on the slate, and convinced the teacher that it is not fair to use a cheat sheet.

We got our test grades back, and I was happy with mine.  In fact, congratulate Mr. Jones, because he got the highest grade in the class.  The professor was happy, because the class average was much better, and just about everybody did better, all except one girl.  She was bitching and pouting about her grade.  It was the dumb girl who shot down my cheat sheet idea.  She did much worse on this test compared to her first.  I promise, every single time I see her, I will point and laugh.  I am not joking.  I love making stupid people feel sad. If you are concerned that you might be one of those people, you probably are.



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